Make your lola + beau product one of a kind by personalising it and making it your very own. To personalise your item we charge an extra $15.00.

Once you have decided which lola + beau piece (or pieces) you want, all you need to do is choose the colour of the embroidery thread (olive green or beige) and whether you want your embroidery in UPPER CASE or lower case in our signature lola + beau font.

It's as easy as that!

All clothing items can be embroidered except the shorts, pants and socks. 


For the clothing the embroidery is on the top LEFT HAND side. 

The character limit is 10 letters so please keep your name to that limit. If you have a name that is longer than that please email and we can see if we can make something work for you, however there may be an additional charge.

Take a look at our product and campaign shots to see the positioning and styling. Depending on the length of the name (or what you want written) on the garment, the largest size of the embroidery is roughly 10cm by 2cm.

For the blankets and muslins, the embroidery is on the bottom LEFT HAND corner. The embroidery is larger on the blankets and the muslins. Please refer to our product shots to see the general size. The size of the embroidery is roughly 20cm by 7cm but again it depends on the length of the name. If you have any queries regarding the size of the embroidery please email us at

Please see our images with all the colour combinations for the embroidery. 

Any questions regarding the embroidery or if you are having trouble deciding please email us at and we would absolutely love to help you make the decision. 

Please take the time to decide what combination you like as once it goes into production we are unable to change or exchange any goods.